Salem – Lakewood House

Address:  218 Circle Drive, Salem, IL 62881

Openings:  1

Description:  A 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom CILA nestled in a well-maintained subdivision presents a very small setting with an experienced QIDP.  The fenced backyard offers extensive gardening options for individuals who enjoy the outdoors.  There is a thriving grapevine and mulberry tree for tasty summer snacks; in addition, there are multiple gardening boxes for individuals to grow herbs and vegetables next spring.  With a beautiful roll-in shower as well as a solid ramp in the backyard, the home requires minimal accessibility modifications.  The patio has ample room to grill during warm summer nights.  We are only a short distance from the bowling alley and the local Dairy Mart for ice cream treats.

For more information:

ContactNikki Kuhlig, QIDP, QMHP
Phone Number: (618) 548-3278