Vandalia – Theater House

Address:  804 Old Theater Drive, Vandalia, IL 62471

Openings: 1

Description:  Located very close to FAYCO’s vocational workshop and in a very nice residential district, this is the perfect 4-bed CILA.   Vandalia is located in Southern Illinois and has a population of approximately 9,000 people.  The entire main floor is fully accessible, and the basement has two additional activity rooms that residents can be utilized for games and activities. We have a beautiful deck and a comfortable backyard for relaxation.  Each individual has their own private bedroom. For individuals seeking a spacious, comfortable home in a small-town community with a great workshop, this is an excellent option.  We expect to open in September 2014.

Contact:  Charlotte Watton, QIDP   Email:
Phone Number: (618) 283-0689